Our Donors: Endowed, Annual & Scholars for Scholars

The ALAA wishes to thank our Scholarship donors for their continued support to the Scholarship Awards Program. It is through their generosity that the Organization is able to assist qualified and deserving students in their pursuit of higher education.

Endowed Donors

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kellan and Family Scholarship

Riscalla “Ross” Abdinoor Memorial Scholarship

George and Lillian Naddif Scholarship

Charles A. & Shirley Zraket Scholarship

Bert J. Samia Scholarship

Abraham D. Bashara Scholarship

James & Rose Yameen Scholarship (Butcher Boy Inc.)

Dr. Fred & Emily Arrigg Foundation Scholarship

Shahadi & Nellie Batal Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Michael J. Kannan Memorial Scholarship

Rose Budron & Louis M. Kelly Scholarship

George W. Hajjar Scholarship

Fred B. Sr. & Sada Kfoury Scholarship

Ann F. & Daniel Yameen Scholarship

Sadie Bashara Memorial Scholarship

Claire M. Savio Scholarship

Carpenter Family Trust Schlarship

Sadie Jowdy Memorial Scholarship

Thomas Mansour & Anthony Ramey Scholarship

Msgr. Semaan Farris Scholarship

Elias Abdinoor Scholarship

Sam Jowdy Scholarship


2013 Annual Donors

$3,000.00 Scholarship Donor

Delia Moses Abdinoor Scholarship

$2,500.00 Scholarship Donor

Vivian A. & Nicola H. Ramy Memorial Scholarship

$2,000.00 Scholarship Donor

Dr. Barbara A. Hajjar Scholarship

Mary (Erban) Boshar Memorial Scholarship

Robert and Donna Manning Scholarship

$1,500.00 Scholarship Donor

Rose Budron Memorial Scholarship

$1,250.00 Scholarship Donor

Rebecca Mann Shwayri Memorial Scholarship

$1,000.00 Scholarship Donors

Samuel J. Ameen, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Fred B. Kfoury Jr. (Central Paper Co.) Scholarship

Charles, Anna & Joanne Nahil Memorial Scholarship

Zraket & Shibel Families Scholarship

Louis J. Zraket Memorial Scholarship

Charles & Shirley Zraket Scholarship

Dr. Robert & Pauline Kellan Family Scholarship

Kenneth Kellan Scholarship

Michael Kellan Scholarship

John K. & Najla T. Erban Memorial Scholarship

United Lebanese Charitable Society

$500.00 Scholarship Donors

Joseph & Yvonne Ellis Memorial Scholarship

Scholars for Scholars

Total to Date: $5,000.00

Alyssa Abraham          1998                                       Patricia  Letayf                    2007/08

Corie  Abraham          1997                                       Laurie Mahoney                  1998

Kaliope Azzi Huck      1992                                       Peter Mahoney                    2004

Mireille Azzi                2005                                      Collette Maksou Sadek        2004

Mark Boshar                1986                                       Roger Malouf                      1999

Fouad Dagher              1985                                       Matthew Pallone                 2003

Andrea Daniels            1996                                       Karen Zraket Pappalardo    1988

Robert Farah                2007/08                                  Marie Rahme                       2007

Samantha Farah           2005/08                                  Andrew Ramey                   1997

Kaitlin Faris                 2005                                       Paul Ramey                         1995/97

Scot Gabriel                 1988/89/91                             Ramzi Ramey

Chris Guimond            1993/94                                  Jay Michael Saba                1994

David Guimond           1995                                       Nicole Shadeed                    2000/03

Lynne Hajjar Kumm    1989                                       Jennifer Shaheen                 1987

Joseph Harb                 1988/90/92                             George Somi                        2007

Dianne Hezel               2000/01                                  Kerri Noonan Steele            1990/91

John-Paul Hezel           1998/99                                 Andrew Timko                     2001

Michael Homsey          1999                                      Lindsey Timko                     2004

John Kalil                     1987                                      Susan Zraket Veilleux         1985

Nadine Kassis               2007/08                                Al Ward                                1986

Melissa Kotch               2004                                     Stacey Bistany Zraket           1990

Steven  Korbani            1989                                     Edward Zraket                      1989

Anonymous  2002



Nancy Erban Carpenter    1985

Anthony Ramy           1984

Herbert Ramy         1985/92

Mark Boshar            1986


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