Scholars for Scholars Award Reaches $5,000.00 Goal !

Thank you to the ALAA Scholars, listed below, for contributing to the ALAA Scholars for Scholars Fund.  The ALAA reached out to past ALAA Scholarship recipients and they have been most generous.  This special group is funding an award to be given out for the first time at the 2013 Scholarship Award Dinner. The ALAA Scholars for Scholars have  contributed $5,000.00 with more contributions coming in.  If you received an ALAA scholarship, please consider joining this wonderful group of donors and support the future scholars of the ALAA.

Any gift, large or small, makes a difference.

Make your donation online through PayPal giving or mail your payment made out to American Lebanese Awareness Association.

ALAA | P.O. Box 292 | Lawrence, MA 01842

For more information about giving any contribution or gift, please contact us : e-mail:

ALAA Scholars for Scholars Fund Donor Roll

Maureen & George AbrahamAbraham, Alyssa 1998Abraham, Carrie 1997Anonymous 2002Asmar, Shadi 1991/93

Azzi Huck, Kaliope 1992

Azzi, Mireille 2005

Boshar, Mark 1986

Dagher, Fouad 1985

Daniels, Andrea 1996

Farah, Robert 2007/08

Farah, Samantha 2005/08

Farris, Kaitlin 2005

Gabriel Scot 1988/89/91

Guimond, Chris 1993/94

Guimond, David 1995

Hajjar Kumm, Lynne 1989

Harb, Joseph 1988/90/92

Paul F. & Nancy H. Hezel

Hezel, Dianne 2000/01

Hezel, John-Paul 1998/99

Susan & Michael Homsey

Homsey, Michael 1999

Joan & Joseph Kalil

Kalil, John 1987

Kassis, Nadine 2007/08

Kotch, Melissa 2004

Korbani, Steve 1989

Letayf, Patricia 2007/08

Charline & Raymond Mahoney

Mahoney, Laurie 1998

Mahoney, Peter 2004

Maksou, Colette 2004

Rosette & George Malouf

Malouf, Roger 1999

Donna & John Pallone

Pallone, Matthew 2003

Pappalardo, Karen Zraket 1988

Kathleen & Elie Rahme

Rahme, Marie 2007

Ramey, Andrew 1997

Ramey, Paul 1995/97

Ramey, Ramzi

Ramy, Anthony 1984

Ramy, Herbert N. 1985/92

Saba, Jay Michael 1994

Shadeed, Nicole 2000/03

Shaheen, Jennifer 1987

Rita & Joseph Somi

Somi, George 2007

Steele, Kerri Noonan 1990/91

Judith & Michael Timko

Timko, Andrew 2001

Timko, Lindsey 2004

Veilleux, Susan Zraket 1985

Ward, Al 1986

Zraket, Stacey Bistany 1990

Zraket, Edward 1989



Wear the ALAA Pin Proudly

To get your pin, send a check for $10.00, made out to the ALAA, and mail it with your  shipping address, to Box 292, Lawrence, MA 01842 .

Congratulations to the 2012 ALAA Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2012 ALAA Scholars !

1st Row (Left to Right):Gabrielle Hill, Elizabeth Teebagy, Jesica Chaya, & Meaghan Drees.
2nd Row : Carla Francis, Michelle Abou-Raad, Carla Khoder, Jacquelyn Farah, Sofia Ashooh, Kaleigh Kfoury, Grace Oulette, & Chena Farhat.
3rd Row :Elias Kassis, Gabriel Hamawi, Benjamin Maroon, & Anthony Francis
4th Row : Jeremy Kamari, Peter Somi, Christian Hbaiter, & Zach Walsh.
5th Row : Tony Abou-Jaoude, Marc Letayf, Jacob Fleming, & Chase Clark.


ALAA 2012 Annual Meeting

ALAA Annual Meeting


Monday, May 21, 7:00 pm          

Join Us… Free & Open to the Public

Everett Mill 6th Floor, 15 Union Street, Lawrence, MA

Watch for more details!

If your family was in Lawrence in 1912, chances are they were affected by the Strike of 1912, Bread & Roses. Jim Beauchesne, Lawrence Heritage State Park Visitor Services Supervisor will discuss their role in the Strike that made headlines around the world and eventually came to a conclusion after Congressional hearings in Washington DC. We will be meeting in Short Pay! All Out ! the exhibit of the Lawrence History Center on the sixth floor of the Everett Mill.  The Lewis Hine Project:Stories of Lawrence Children and the Maine Labor Mural Project will also be on display.

For information about the exhibit go to:

New Website Launched

Welcome to our new home on the web…

Learn more about the American Lebanese Awareness Association by visiting us on our new website.  Since 1984 the ALAA has served the Lebanese community of the Merrimack Valley, through awareness programs and scholarships.  The 2011 scholarship application is now available under the “Scholarships” tab.  Read how to qualify and you could be one of the recipients at our June Banquet. Visit often as we develop our site, and if you want to support our work, become a member or contribute to our scholarship program.