30 Scholars Receive $40,000.00 in 2016


Front Row: Rebecca Modrich, Alex Ata, Catherine Jreije, Carina Imbornone, Katherine Veilleux, Elizabeth Demers, Nora Jaber, Gabrielle Kazzi

Middle Row: Elissa Haddad, Nicole Hayek, Amber Lancey, Sarah Waterhouse, Alexandra Layous, Amanda Maroun, Jad Haddad, Monica Abou-Ezzi, Gillian Connors, Kristen Kazzi

Back Row: Andrew Dagher, George Jreije, Christian Merheb, Nicholas Shepherd, Angela Essa, Anthony Jreije, Madelyn Ryan, Michael Consoli, George Scopelites

Not Pictured: Elie Daou, Nicole Francis, Danielle Nasser

Thank You to our Endowed  & Annual Scholarship Donors, and our Program Book Supporters.
Through their generosity the Organization is able to assist qualified and deserving students in their pursuit of higher education .

Endowed Scholarship Donors

Kellan Family Scholarship
Riscalla “Ross” Abdinoor Memorial Scholarship George & Lillian Naddif Scholarship
Charles A . & Shirley Zraket Scholarship
Bert J . & Mary Samia Scholarship
Abraham D . Bashara Scholarship
James & Rose Yameen Scholarship ( Butcher Boy Inc .) Dr . Fred & Emily Arrigg Foundation Scholarship Shahadi & Nellie Batal Memorial Scholarship
Dr . Michael J . Kannan Memorial Scholarship Rose Budron Memorial Scholarship
George W . Hajjar Scholarship
Fred B . Sr . & Sada Kfoury Scholarship
Ann F . Yameen Scholarship
Sadie Bashara Memorial Scholarship
Claire M . Savio Scholarship
Carpenter Family Trust Scholarship
Sadie Jowdy Memorial Scholarship
Thomas Mansour & Anthony Ramey Scholarship Msgr . Semaan Farris Scholarship
Elias Abdinoor Scholarship
Sam Jowdy Scholarship

Annual Donors

$3,000 .00 Scholarship Donor

Delia Moses Abdinoor Scholarship

$2,500 .00 Scholarship Donor

Vivian A . & Nicola H . Ramy Memorial Scholarship

$2,000 .00 Scholarship Donor

Dr . Barbara A . Hajjar Scholarship Robert & Donna Manning Scholarship Michael & Sandra Naddif Scholarship Joseph & Adele Hatem Memorial Scholarship

$1,500 .00 Scholarship Donor

Rose Budron Memorial Scholarship Mitchell Sawaya Memorial Scholarship Kellan Family Scholarship

$1,000 .00 Scholarship Donors

Samuel J . Ameen, Sr . Memorial Scholarship Zraket & Shibel Families Scholarship Louis J . Zraket Memorial Scholarship Charles A . & Shirley Zraket Scholarship Kenneth Kellan Scholarship

George & Lillian Naddif Memorial Scholarship Bert J . & Mary Samia Memorial Scholarship Scholars For Scholars
Dr . & Mrs . George Abou-Ezzi
ALAA In Memory of Julia Hassan ALAA In Memory of Roy Bistany

$500 .00 Scholarship Donors

Joseph & Yvonne Ellis Memorial Scholarship United Lebanese Charitable Society

Program Book Supporters

Michael’s Function Halls

Commonwealth Motors

All Care Medical

Health Now Med Clinic

Fantini Bakery

Shadi’s Restaurant & Lounge

Methuen Auto Care

Butcher Boy Market

Marcel’s Autoworks

Chaya Brothers

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