2020 American Lebanese Awareness Association Scholarship Recipients

The pandemic did not deter graduations, college acceptances or scholarship programs. The ALAA congratulates, not only our awardees, but also the educators and parents who transitioned with them to remote learning. We regret we could not share your accomplishments together at our traditional award dinner, but we applaud you here.

Here is the Class of 2020, and our 2020 generous donors who fund the scholarships.

Michelle Francis, Sharbel Saab, Lucas Max, Naur Assaf, Emile Khoury,

Morgan Zraket, Peter Francis, Ava Bradley, Mary Saab, Tala Khoury

Jenna Solimine, Raymond Nammour, Charbel Merheb, Marita Merheb, Carine Mansour

Casey Pratt, Leila Geha, Yourself Chahine, Finn Lambert, Silvia Caddell,

Grace Owaida, Brett George, Riley Max, George Eid, Michael Hajjar

In 37 years the ALAA has awarded a total of $1, 235 250.00 in scholarships to 1, 143 deserving students of Lebanese descent.  Support education with a donation to the American Lebanese Awreness Association. Your gift great or small is appreciated.

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2020 Annual Meeting & Scholarship Banquet News

Due to the current situation required by the Covid-19 Virus, PLEASE NOTE the following:

The American Lebanese Awareness Association Annual Meeting be will via ZOOM this year.

The Annual Meeting will be Monday, May 11, 2020, 7:00 pm.

If you would like to participate, please request a ZOOM invitation by emailing the ALAA at amerleb@comcast.net .

Regarding our Scholarship Program, PLEASE NOTE:

We regret to announce that the 2020 ALAA Scholarship Banquet has been cancelled.

Scholarships will be awarded. Recipients will receive details as they become available.

We hope that all the Seniors and their families get to commemorate their graduation in a meaningful way.

All the best to you all as you continue your remote studies, and manage these challenging times.

2020 ALAA Scholarship Application Available Now

Start off 2020 with the opportunity to be awarded a scholarship. ALAA awards many generous scholarships each year. Carefully read the application available as a pdf on the link below the photograph,  and follow all the directions. The deadline to apply is March 1, 2020.  Set aside Sunday, June 7, 2020, 5:00 pm, for the American Lebanese Awareness Association Scholarship Dinner. All the best in your studies and hope to see an application from you soon.



ALAA Memberships are available under the “About” menu, or on this link:


Join the 2019 ALAA Scholarship Recipients-Watch for 2020 Application

Jenna Solimine, Youssef Chahine, Hanna Walworth, Aya Khoury, Tala Khoury, Benjamin Kfoury, Anthony Hassan, Johnny Khoury, Michael Hajjar, Matthew Rizkallah, Morgan Zraket, Katrina Awad, Nadia Aruri, Claudia Kfoury, Suzanne Naser, Jessica El Helou, Sara Aldahabi, Farah El Khoury

Join these ALAA scholars by applying for a 2020 ALAA Scholarship. Watch this site or the American Lebanese Awareness Association Facebook page, for an application which will be posted by early January 2020.

36th Annual ALAA Scholarship Dinner 2019

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Michael’s Function Hall,

2 Alpha Street, Haverhill, MA

Cocktails at 5:00 pm, Dinner at 6:00 pm

Donations $50.00/Person

Guest Speaker: George Kassas

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bireme Systems, a boutique advisory services company, and Kassas Real Estate Development, a 31-year old Real Estate Development company based in NH.

George attended UMass Amherst where he earned a BS in Industrial Engineering and an MBA in International Business. His career began in 1985 at AT&T as a Product Manager, in 1996, becoming Vice President of Business Management of Lucent Technologies Access & Switching Division. In 2000, George started his own high-tech company Cedar Point Communications.  George was named 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year by the High-Tech Council of the State of New Hampshire, and was named by President George W. Bush to become a member of the President Small Business Council. In November 2018, George was named by the New Hampshire Governor Christopher Sununu to become a Commissioner on the State infrastructure Site Selection Committee.

George and his wife Kristen have three children, Juliette, Anthony and
George Jr..


Watch this site and our Facebook page for information about attending this special evening.

2019 Annual Meeting

Jowdy Challenge Celebrates 30th with a Lebanese Theme


2019 Jowdy World. Knowledge Challenge

2019 ALAA Scholarship Applications Now Available

The American Lebanese Awareness Association is proud to support education in our community through our annual scholarship program.  To participate, click on “2019 Scholarship Application,” read the guidelines and find the application form.  Please read the guidelines carefully and follow the guidelines and deadlines. Scholarships will be awarded at the ALAA Scholarship Dinner, Sunday, June 9, 2019 at 5:00 p.m., at Michael’s Function Hall, Haverhill, MA.

2019 Scholarship Application

New ALAA Mailing Address

While we are making our updates, please note that as of, September 1, 2017, the new ALAA mailing address is:

Box 2244
Methuen, MA 01844

Thank you

Congratulations to the 2017 ALAA Scholarship Recipients , Thank You to ALAA Donors

2017 American Lebanese Awareness Association Scholarship Recipients

2017 American Lebanese Awareness Association Scholarship Recipients

Back Row:
Zachary Kimmett, Emmett Nahil, Marc Akouri, , Benjamin Kfoury, Andrew Veilleux, John El Helou
Third Row:
Elias Ashooh, Andrew Kamari, Timothy Walsh, Corey Sarkis, Christopher Rizkallah
Second Row:
Lauren Becotte, Tia Sfeir, Angela Essa, Josette Nammour, Samantha Attar, Elizabeth Demers

Front Row:

Hanna Walworth, Maya Ashooh, Angela Matta, Marla Nammour, Gemma Francis, Jasmine Francis, Ashleigh Shaw

Recipients Not Pictured:

Claudia Kfoury, Thomas Kfoury, Dario Nachef, Raymond Nammour, Farah El Khouri

 Program Book Sponsors

Michael’s Function Hall, Commonwealth Motors, All Care Medical

Cedar’s, David J. Ameen, Butcher Boy, Marcel’s Autoworks, Shadi’s, Home Inspection Inc., Chaya Brothers

Noel, Judith, Robert & Jaquelyn Farah

 Annual Donors

$3,000 .00 Scholarship Donor

Delia Moses Abdinoor Scholarship

$2,500 .00 Scholarship Donor

George & Lillian Naddif Scholarship

$2,000 .00 Scholarship Donor

Dr. Barbara A. Hajjar Scholarship Robert & Donna Manning Scholarship Charlie & Liz Daher & Family Scholarship Samuel J. Ameen, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

$1,500 .00 Scholarship Donor

Rose Budron Memorial Scholarship Ned & Edna Kfoury Memorial Scholarship Bert J. & Mary Samia Memorial Scholarship Charles A. & Shirley Zraket Scholarship

$1,000 .00 Scholarship Donors

Zraket & Shibel Families Scholarship
Louis J. Zraket Memorial Scholarship Kenneth Kellan Scholarship
Michael & Sandra Naddif Scholarship Joseph & Adele Hatem Memorial Scholarship Kellan Family Scholarship
Vivian A. & Nicola H. Ramy Memorial Scholarship ALAA In Memory of Laurie Gabriel
Fred B. Sr. & Sada Kfoury Scholarship
Fred B. Kfoury Jr. Scholarship

$500 .00 Scholarship Donors

Joseph & Yvonne Ellis Memorial Scholarship United Lebanese Charitable Society

Endowment Donors

Kellan Family Scholarship
Riscalla “Ross” Abdinoor Memorial Scholarship George & Lillian Naddif Scholarship Charles A. & Shirley Zraket Scholarship Bert J. & Mary Samia Scholarship Abraham D. Bashara Scholarship
James & Rose Yameen Scholarship
Dr. Fred & Emily Arrigg Foundation Scholarship Shahadi & Nellie Batal Memorial Scholarship Dr. Michael J. Kannan Memorial Scholarship Rose Budron Memorial Scholarship George W. Hajjar Scholarship
Fred B. Sr. & Sada Kfoury Scholarship
Ann F. Yameen Scholarship
Sadie Bashara Memorial Scholarship Claire M. Savio Scholarship
Carpenter Family Trust Scholarship
Sadie Jowdy Memorial Scholarship Thomas Mansour & Anthony Ramey Scholarship Msgr. Semaan Farris Scholarship
Elias Abdinoor Scholarship
Sam Jowdy Scholarship